The Beauty Sanctuary for Self Care and Self Love

Welcome to SoloPerTe Studio in Hawthorne, NJ

The Beauty Sanctuary.
SoloPerTe is the beauty sanctuary for woman who don’t compromise health for beauty and who want to make
self-care and skin-beauty a priority. We hear it all the time, “Stress is the silent killer.”
The problem is that sometimes we don’t realize that STRESS is also the reason our natural glow is gone.
Our environment is full of free radicals. The market is flooded with chemicals and our schedules are
packed with everything except time to recharge. That’s why, we don’t just offer treatments.
We offer beauty rituals that perfectly blend ancient herbal elixirs, powerful modern technologies and soulful mindset methods designed to change your skin at a cellular level and reignite your inner beauty and spirit.
Our beauty rituals are NATURAL & ORGANIC skin care, Treatments designed to activate your skin’s natural rejuvenation process so that you get smoother, flawless skin that shines from the inside.

Self care, Self love, Self confidence.
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